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Automation & Control:
Home automation transforms a standard house into a ‘smarthome’. The electrical and mechanical services in the house are controlled centrally via a processor from manufacturers such as Elan Home Systems or Universal Remote Control. Your heating, lighting, security and audio visual systems are now fully integrated onto one touchscreen that allow you to change your room environment and then the room entertainment to suit you. A smarthome can be controlled from another location by either a PC or phone. Securely logging in to check CCTV cameras or adjust lighting and climate control can reassure you that your home is safe and functioning as normal when you are away.
Whole House Audio:
There is no need to limit your ability to listen to CD’s, your IPod, TV or the radio in one room at a time?  Multi-room entertainment allows you to use any source in one room, all rooms or even different sources in different rooms. And it is not just for music you can do the same with TV or DVDs.  Companies like Elan or Universal Remote for example provide solutions that can simplify your distributed audio desires.
Climate Control:
Climate control systems gives you ultimate climate control throughout your residence. With a Smart System, enable your thermostats and window shades or blinds to work together to improve energy efficiency, reduce the demands of the heating and cooling systems and prevent damage to expensive furnishings from over exposure to harmful UV rays. Set a comfortable temperature setting in a specific room or the entire house using smart control systems Remotely monitor and adjust climate status throughout the house while away from home using an iPhone® or iPod touch® for easy smart home automation.
With the introduction of it’s integrated phone system, Savant leverages its ongoing convergence of Apple® technology as the leading Apple-based automation and unified communication solution. The power and flexibility of a truly open platform, together with the strong telecom background of Savant’s founders, have coalesced into the industry’s first control plus communications solution for residential and commercial applications providing robust and immediate intercom functionality.
Home Theater:
Imagine watching movies, sports or playing games on your own custom installed home theater system.  If you have a dedicated home theater room or a multi-purpose family or recreation room we can improve your viewing pleasure from the picture itself to audio, seating, lighting and more.
Your designer, architect and perhaps contractor to create the perfect home theater experience. We can help you make the most of your space – whether it is a dedicated space or multi-purpose room - with concealed speakers and hidden equipment.  Using equipment from companies like Bose, G! from Elan Home Systems, Lutron, Marantz, Denon, Samsung, Stealth Acoustics, Speakercraft, Screen Innovations, Triad Speakers,  and Universal Remote Control to name a few allows us to create a system that can fit your budget.
Intelligent Lighting:
Home lighting control systems from Lutron, make state-of-the-art technology part of your daily life. With our help, you can decide what kind of home lighting control is right for every room in the house. The result is a home that reflects your personality and individual style. Whether you want to brighten up a gloomy day or enjoy a quiet evening, you’ll find a range of light settings to suit your mood. Plus, you can easily control your home lighting from remote locations or as part of your own security system. With our technology, you can choose to have lights and even your favorite music come on as soon as you enter the house.
Safety & Security:
The best way to keep intruders at arm’s length is to protect the inside and the outside of your home. Smart Homes are designed with the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras, which create a first line of security at the perimeter of your property.
Home security cameras and video surveillance systems. Monitor your cameras live from anywhere.  Use your computer or smartphone while on the road to see live and recorded information, or use any monitor or TV while at home. You can even set the system up to so that when the door bell will ring throughout the house and any monitor or TV can give you an instant check on who is at the door and talk to them through any phone.
Smart Energy:
Energy management systems enable homeowners to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money—all without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Moreover, consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices use power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle or needs.


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